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"मुस्कान को तभी रोको जब वो किसी को चोट पहुंचा सकती हो"।।।
नहीं तो, खिलखिला कर हंसो।😊

1000 days

You'll never change the world if you're worried about being liked. !!!

1849 days

In diving to the bottom of pleasure we bring up more gravel than pearls

1912 days
Dr Manivannan

*मार्च एंडिंग कभी-कभी*
*संबन्धों में भी आना चाहिये*

*स्टाॅक मिलाने के लिए...*
*पता तो चले, कितने अपने*
*और हम कितनो के...*

582 days

लोग रिश्ते भी फायदा देख कर निभाते है,

जिनकी जरूरत नही तोड़ दिए जाते है.....!!

1373 days
Karan B Patel

माफ़ी और माफ़ करना क्या है।👏👏👏
माफ़ी माँगना अपने बुरे करमों की सज़ा भुगतना,👍👍💐🌹
माफ़ करना अपने अच्छे करमों का फल मिलना।👏🙏💐🌹🌷
करमों की पहचान ईसी से होती हैं😌😌😌

1128 days

The way of the world is meeting people through other people.

2057 days
Dr Manivannan

"जिसने अपने को वश में कर लिया है, उसकी जीत को देवता भी हार में नहीं बदल सकते. - महात्मा बुद्ध

1015 days
Kunal Shah

Live and let live ! !
- lord mahveera

2264 days
Sunil Lalwani

The Witty Vivek 😌

When Swami Vivekanand was studying law at the University College, London, a white professor, whose last name was Peters, disliked him intensely.

One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room when Vivekanand came along with his tray and sat next to the professor.

The professor said, "Mr Vivekanand , you do not understand. A pig and a bird do not sit together to eat."

Vivekanandji looked at him as a parent would look at a rude child and calmly replied, "You do not worry professor. I'll fly away," and he went and sat at another table.

Mr. Peters, reddened with rage, decided to take revenge.

The next day in Class he posed the following question: "Mr.Vivekanand , if you were walking down the street and found a package, and within was a bag of wisdom and another bag with money, which one would you take ?"

Without hesitating, Vivekanandji responded, "The one with the money, of course."

Mr. Peters , smiling sarcastically said, "I, in your place, would have taken the wisdom."

Swami Vivekanand shrugged and responded, "Each one takes what he doesn't have."

Mr. Peters, by this time was fit to be tied. So great was his anger that he wrote on Swami Vivekanand's exam sheet the word "idiot" and gave it to Swami Vivekanand.

Vivekanandji took the exam sheet and sat down at his desk trying very hard to remain calm while he contemplated his next move.

A few minutes later, Swami Vivekanand got up, went to the professor and told him in a dignified polite tone, "Mr. Peters, you signed the sheet, but you did not give me the grade."

😅😃. Don't mess with intelligent Indians

One of the best messeges ever read!!

1317 days
Parin Mehta