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Thursday April 17
Match tonight:

@8:00 PM: (i) Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Result of previous match:

Kolkata Knight Riders

Scores according to last match
👉1st Position👈
Mr BSF: +14
👉2nd Position👈
Specky Boy: +12
👉3rd Position👈
MilAap Makwana: +7
👉4th Position👈
C.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.l (King): +4
Rish: +4
Saurabh: +4
👉5th Position👈
Addicted: +2
Ad007: +2
M!sha: +2
rekhaagarwal: +2
akshay15agarwal: -1
👉6th Position👈
***Anil: -1
crazy_cool_guy: -1
Dev :): -1
R3: -1
Tushar90: -1
🎉Awards: 🎉
Opener award goes to 'rekhaagarwal'.
Congratulations 'rekhaagarwal' you have +2 betting points. 😊
Guess who will win today's match.
Please guess in this order for convenience of handler of APL.

1) Team (+2 for right guess and -1 for wrong)
2) Man Of The Match (+5 for correct guess)
3) Guess the player who will hit
most number of sixes. (+5 for correct guess)
4) Guess The Score Of Side Batting First (+5 for correct guess)

(Only 10 score difference will be allowed, for example you guess score of 150 thn you will earn points if score is either 140 or 160 so please guess exact score)

You are free to make unlimited changes BEFORE toss ONLY.. And your latest comment will be treated valid.

We will close the entry for day once toss takes place..

❗️ONLY 1 Choice Per Option❗️

Best of luck! 😊👈

1433 days
Stan Smi

Allah Is The Creator Of The World.
May On This Holy Month
He Creates And Carves You
Into A Beautiful Person
With Wisdom And Great Insight.
May All SA Family Members Hav a Great Month Ahead.
Happy Ramzaan😊

1714 days
Mohammed Nadeem

India won test by inning and 115 runs and also U-19 worldcup.

Overall good day in cricket department.

Worth Reading & Pls Understand it :

You messaged her first.. She replied
You bcm friends.. You fall for her and
her.. She accepted..
After some time kisses, cuddling and
thn sex..
She was mad for you.. Completely in
love she
was.. Texting you whole day.. You also
After few days u think she is mad or
completely frustrated you are.. You
ignoring her.. She cries.. But still love
you alot..
Thn you cm to know that naa... Things
are Not
working.. you decided to leave.. Wow..
She was
burst in tears.. Completely heart broken
collapsed.. That moment change her
fucking life..
I just want to ask one thing..
Why dude?
Can you imagine.. Kaise sambhala hoga
usne khud
ko.. I think u don't.. If you just want
sex.. There
are prostitutes for a reason.. Don't
damage a girl's
life her future her feelings only for one
thing 'SEX', if you can't marry her, you
don't have
a single right over her..
Please understand.. Its not as simple as
think.. And girls if he tells you to sleep
with him to prove that u love him.
Leave him asap he is not the one for
you. Why you get pressurize is he
feeding you, no, right? C'mon stop
being stupid love doesn't mean saying
yes to him all the time!

1064 days

Damini to her mom :
Maa mujhe dar lagta hai..bohot dar
lagta hai...
suraj ki Roshni Aag si lagti hai..
Paani ki Boondain bhi Tejaab si lagti
Maa Hawa main bhi zahar sa ghula
lagta hai...
Maa mujhe chhupa le bohot dar
lagta hai...........
Maa yaad hai wo kaanch ki Gudiya
jo Bachpan main tuti thi...
Maa kuch aise hi aaj main toot gayi
meri galti kuch bhi na thi maa fir
bhi khud se ruth gai hu............
Maa bachpan main school teacher ki
gandi Nazaro se dar lagta tha...
padsos k chacha k Napaak iraadon
se dar lagta tha...
maa wo nukkat k ladko ki bekhouf
baaton se dar lagta hai..
or ab Boss k wahshi isharon se dar
lagta hai...
Maa mujhe chupa le..bohot dar
lagta hai :,(....
Maa tujhe yaad hai tere angan main
chidiya si fudak rahi thi..
thokar kha k main zameen par gir
padi thi..
do boond khoon ki dekh k maa tu
bhi ro padi thi...
maa tune toh mujhe phoolon ki
tarah pala tha..
un darindo ka aakhir maine kya
bigada tha...
kyu wo mujhe is tarah masal k chale
bedard meri rooh ko kuchal k chale
Maa tu toh kahti thi apni gudiya ko
dulhan banayegi...
mere is jeewan ko khushiyo se
maa kya wo din zindgi kabhi na
maa kya ab tere gher barat na
maa khoya hai jo maine kya fir se
kabhi na paungi?? Maa saans toh le
rahi hu..kya zindgi jee paungi??
Maa goorte hain sab alag hi nazaron
Maa mujhe un nazaron se chupa
le....maa bohot dar lagta hai mujhe
Aanchal main Chhupa le...😥😢. Please take care of girls ........iss msg ko itna faila do ki bure karam karne walo ko iss feeling ko padhkar kar shayad kuch sharm aaye or sare toh nahi but kuch loge sudhar jaye.....

1907 days

Do we know actual full form of some words???
🔗News paper =
North East West South past and present events report.
🔗Chess =
Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers.
🔗Cold =
Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.
🔗Joke =
Joy of Kids Entertainment.
🔗Aim =
Ambition in Mind.
🔗Date =
Day and Time Evolution.
🔗Eat =
Energy and Taste.
🔗Tea =
Taste and Energy Admitted.
🔗Pen =
Power Enriched in Nib.
🔗Smile =
Sweet Memories in Lips Expression.
🔗Bye =
Be with you Everytime.

share these meanings as majority of us don't know these.

1522 days

How can i get siri on my iphone3S.

2181 days

how u guys will feel when ur one n only
angel, frn , lyf
dsnt tok to u n evn nt rply..??
m feelin lyk dying...😖😖😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
kal se tears nhi ruk rhe...😞

2075 days

Guys m using iPhone 4, 4.3.3 with gevey sim...
I want to upgrade my i4... Can I upgrade... I heard phone will get locked if I upgrade...
If I can upgrade pls lemme kne the step by step procedure to jailbreak it...

1870 days
Ankit Reddy

Shit again error comes

On login to SA :-

" Request time out "

But my WiFi works well & good👍

1931 days