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Certain important points noted are :

# GST will 100% be implemented on 1.7.17

# Types of taxation in GST
IGST : Integrated GST
CGST : Central GST which with replacement CST
SGST : State GST which will replace VAT

# WEF from 1.6.17 : Migration towards enrolment of GST will start till 15.6.17

# Registration certificates will be issued online

# there will be no check post for 1 year. Only mobile check posts will be in full force. All intelligence officers will be dormant for sometime.

# 5 forms on different dates have to be submitted every month
R1 form on 10th
R2 form on 13th
R3 form on 15th
R4 form on 17th &
R5 form or final returns on 20th
You cannot file revised returns at all. Once filed on 20th is final.

# tax payments will be accepted only by e payments. Tax Payments via credit & debit card also added.

# In the present Vat system you upload sales & purchases every month. In GST you have to upload every sale & purchase bill.

# be careful , every thing in GST is system driven. Once uploaded you cannot revise anything. No officer can help you in this. They can only pity the mistake

# your firm rating will be done by the system. Based on the rating audit trials will be conducted.

# proposed e sugam for ₹50000 & above value only.

# proposed rates of GST in percentage are 0, 5, 8 , 12, 18 , 28 & 40

# 1st time in the history of independent India 4 major category of businesses will be covered : Education, Textiles, Medical & Professional services

# You need to submit 17 documents for migration to GST

# Most products MRP to come down.

# Distribution + C & F channel under threat

# All these categories which were not taxed will now be taxable : Replacements/ return goods, Barters , Free Samples, disposables, scrap material. For example : if you buy a 40 inch led TV from Girias for ₹30000 & return back your old TV in exchange for ₹4000, you have to pay tax on ₹34000.

# All movements of material will be taxable like : Head office to branch office (stock transfer), factory to C & F agent, godown to shop.

# The GST officer has all rights to value your goods & fix the price. The law will decide Valuation of the product at Various levels like : Manufacturing, Wholesalers, Distribution & retailers. For example if Kissan is selling Jam for ₹150 & Patanjali is selling the same Jam for ₹120. (Same quantity, flavour, ingredients etc) Then Patanjali has to pay tax on ₹150.

# All books & records to be maintained on daily basis.

# You will need a full time accountant in your shop/office to maintain books under GST.

# All travel & tour expenses related to business have to be claimed under firm name.

# If your vendor does not upload his bills within 180 days , you will not get tax credit.

# You cannot claim credit for material in stock beyond one year.

# They propose that You have to dispose all your old stocks purchased under VAT/CST within September 2017.

# All VAT related documents like C forms, F forms etc have to be cleared within Sept 2017.

Your Vat credit will not carry forwarded to GST.

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Arey bhaiyo, kyo Hindu - Muslim ke naam pe post kar kar ke lad rahe ho. After all, we are all Indians. Bandh karo yeh ek doosro ko nicha dikhana. Yeh kuchh log siyasi faayde ke liye bhole-bhale logon ko ladaa rahein hain.

We are good educated people. Must not post or comment such thing which would hurt any particular religion or community. Let's be one...... ONE INDIA...... UNITED PEOPLE.

Baki aap log zyaada samajdaar ho...🙏

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Ladies pls be careful.

A woman was taken
by 5 men,
who according to
hospital and police report was raped by a
gang before
being dumped at a

Though she was unable
to remember
the events of the previous evening,
tests conducted
revealed that she had
been raped repeatedly.

There was a
trace of
*Rohypnol* in her blood.

is presently being
used as a rape drug.

It is actually
a small sterilization
pill which is now being
used by
rapists to drug their
targets at

The drug makes the
mind of the
target (would be victim)
go blank
so that she does not remember
anything that transpired and worse still,
the drug sterilizes the victim so that
she doesn't conceive
from the rape
and the rapist need not worry about
having his identity
later by a paternity

The real bad news is
that the drug's
side effects


they are

Any female that
takes it


The drug is
administered by
dropping it into the
target's drink.

The girl wouldn't
remember a thing the
next morning,
nothing at all that had
taken place the
night before
will she remember.

Rohypnol, dissolves
rapidly and
easily in drinks, leaving
no taste and
no change in color
which makes it
impossible to detect.

These weasels can
get this drug
from anyone who is in
the vet school or
any medical university.

It's that easy and
Rohypnol is about to
break out big
on campuses everywhere.

Believe it or not,
there are
even sites on the
internet telling
how to use it.

please be careful when you're out,
especially in a party,
don't leave your
drink unattended.

(Buy your own drinks, ensure bottles
or cans received are unopened or sealed;
don't even taste
someone else's drink).

For guys -
Please inform all your female family members, relatives and friends.

Remember you also
have sisters or
might one day have
a daughter(s).

Important News are
meant to be
passed on,
please don't keep or

Please share to
protect and save lives.


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See Me

'Encourage' category में 20 में से 10 मैसेज़ मेरे हैं।


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Heart catcher

🙏 *रक्षा बंधन 🙏*
बहनों को ग्रहण के सूतक में राखी बांधना चाहिए । *निर्णय सिंधु '* के *परिच्छेद २ पेज नंबर 180 में श्रावण मास को कैसे मनाये के बारे मे विस्त्रत रूप लिखा हुआ* है के पृष्ठ के मध्य मे निम्न प्रकार वर्णित है "
*इदं रक्षाबंधनं नियतकालत्वात भद्रावर्ज्य ग्रहणदिनेपि कार्यं होलिकावत् । ग्रहणसंक्रांत्यादौ रक्षानिषेधाभावात् ।"*
*इसी निर्णय सिंधु के पेज 180 पंक्ति नं 11 में पढ़े जिसमे लिखा हुआ है कि रक्षाबंधन नियत काल (पूर्व निर्धारित) मे होने से भद्रा को छोड़ कर ग्रहण के दिन भी होली के समान हर्लोष से मनानी चाहिए ।
आगे पढ़ें उसमें लिखा हुआ है कि ग्रहण का सूतक अनियतकाल(मुहूर्त आदि) के कर्मों में लगता है जबकि राखी श्रावण सुदी पूर्णिमा को ही मनाई जाती है ।
रक्षा बंधन को ना पहले दिन ना दूसरे दिन मनाया जाता है । उसी दिन मनाया जाता है इसलिए नियत कर्म होने के कारण इसको ग्रहण का दोष नहीं लगता है ।
*जिसके लिए आपकी शंकाओं को दूर करने के लिए निर्णय सिन्धु के पृष्ठ की प्रति ज्ञानवर्धन हेतु प्रस्तुत है*।
सभी सनातन प्रेमियों से निवेदन है कि आप रक्षाबंधन 7 अगस्त को 11. 08 के बाद पूरे दिन आराम से कर सकते है ।
अज्ञानीयो की अफवाहों से दूर रहे जिनको पूरा ज्ञान नहीं है वे लोग विरोध ही करेंगे ।
सभी से निवेदन है कि ज्यादा से ज्यादा रक्षाबंधन को हर्लोष से त्यौहार को आनंद पूर्वक मनाये ।

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Kaha hai purane khiladi ..??..🤠

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dear team, sm, mods
& all users/uploaders

*wishing u all that...*
*that u wish for urself*

*॥ happy diwali ॥*

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Arey Admin,

App update to karo,

iPhone X mein barabar screen set nahi hota hain...!!!

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it is good to be back here after so many time . love this app. keep it up.

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Any Old Users Alive?


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