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╚╝╚╝╚╚╚╚ ╩
(Plz Forgive Me)

2180 days

I am so sorry pagal....
Maine tmse saccha wala Pyaar kr Liya...

917 days

Dear god if you would allow her to stay with me for the rest of my life there is nothing else I would want more than growing old with hate, my anger, my jealousy I would take it all back because her gentle touch, her soothing smile, her beautiful eyes, OUR eternal love is all I need to live..
I'm sorry for all the tears I gave her for all the mistakes committed..if only I could have her back I know I would never let her go again.. :(

2230 days

Asmaan viraan hai...

Taare bhi hairaan hai...

Maaf ker do meri Chandni...

Dekho tera Chand bhi tho aansuo se pareshan hai..

1919 days

I'm sory I'm not gud enough 4 ya!! Sore I'm not perfect!!

1852 days

😢I'm really sorry for my recent actions,
Selfishly searching for your reactions.
What I did was not very kind,
I don't know what, got into my mind.

Something wrong with my psychology,
From my heart I bring this apology.
I know there are no valid excuses,
Negative feelings arguments produces

I'm really sorry, I truly care,
What I did was completely unfair,
Hope you forgive me over time,
I feel awful about my crime.😢

2032 days

Please FORGIVE ME 😢 for my mistakes 😪
I am still a KID , learning the responsibility of being an ADULT 😢......!

2196 days

I dnt knw frm wer to start actually wht u mean to me is more dan words can express
Dis is jst a gesture.The luv n respect I hve fr u is cmpltly insane. u are the one beautiful instance of god's creation.
May all ur drmz cum true.
I always think of u with a glad n grateful heart ur very spcl for me . Lastly I jst wanna say dat u are d person I wud nvr like to part! I am so sorry foh wht i did 😔 plz forgive me

910 days

I have said some words, but trust me I did not mean it. May be I had lost my mind, and lost control of myself. I sincerely apologize for my irresponsible behaviour. Please forgive me.

2359 days

Chalo Bus Ab Maan Bhi Jao Na
Nahi Aata mujhe Fun Kisi ko Mananay Ka,
Faqat Itna hi Kehta Hon
"Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na"
Tumharay Nazdeek Agar Meri Hansi Dilkash Hai,
To Main Muskura k Kehta Hon
"Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na"
Agar Tum Dekhna Chaho Mere Aankh Mai Aansu,
Tou Mai Ro Ro k Kehta Hon
"Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na"
Saza Dene Se Hoti hai Gar Tassalli Tumha,
To Phir Mai Kaan Pakar K Kehta Hon
"Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na"
Dekho Aise Kisi Se Roothna Acha Nahi Hota,
Ab Main Bohat Maan Se Kehta Hon
"Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na"
Tum Gar Chaho k Mere Saans Bhi Na ho Baaki,
To Main Dam-e-Aakhir Kehta Hon
Chalo Bus Ab Maan Jao Na.

1960 days