Santa Banta (1692 | sorted randomly)

Once Santa & Banta were travelling along with
their friends Monty & Jaggi. On a road surrounded
by forests on both sides, their car was attacked by
robbers. Santa & his friends were pulled out of the
car. The robbers blasted the car and took Santa,
Banta and their friends in the middle of the forest where their boss was residing. Now, this boss was fond of jokes. So, he put the
condition that whoever tells a joke that makes
every single person laugh should be left unharmed
and alive, but if one single person doesn't laugh
then the joke-teller would be shot to death. Banta started telling the funniest joke he had ever
heard, "One day........." and when he was finished,
everybody were falling with laughter except Santa.
So according to the vow, the boss shot poor Banta. Now, it was the turn of Monty. He also told the
best joke he had ever heard. Again everybody
laughed including the boss & his robbers, but still
Santa was quite as a statue. So the boss shot him. Then came Jaggi. As he opened his mouth to tell
the joke, Santa suddenly burst into laughter.
Everyone was puzzled. Santa was laughing madly. The boss asked him, "Why the hell are you
laughing without hearing the joke?" Santa said laughing and giggling, "Oh! How funny
Banta's joke was!"

1951 days
Moh!t Lohia!!

Santa calls up White House n says: I want to be the next President of the USA.

Obama: Are you an idiot?

Santa: Why? Is it compulsory?.:-P

2315 days

Santa Ko Beta Hua. Use Jyotish Ke Pass Le Gaye
Jyotish:Ye Jiska Naam Pehle Bolega Wo mar Jyega
Baccha Bola "PAPA" Aur Dusre Din Padosi Mar Gya

1922 days

Yaar, ..
Mein kuch bhi karta hoon to,
Meri biwi beech mein aa jati hai...

Tu Truck chala kar dekh!!..

2301 days

Santa- Yaar Murgi K Bache Ande TodkarBahar Kaise Aa Jate He?

Bnta- Mujhe To Ye Samaj Me Nhi Aata Saale Band Ande Mai Ghus Kaise Jate He..:D

2121 days
Specky Boy

SB- Girlfriend of Santa- Darling on our engagement day will you give me a Ring. Santa- Ya sure, from landline or mobile?

2326 days

Santa and his wife Preeto were on an African Safari when a lion sprang out of nowhere & dragged Preeto with his jaws.
Preeto : Shoot him shoot him!!
Santa : I can't, film ki reel khatam hogayi hai.
:O :D :O

2275 days

Santa was in the bathroom for a long time. His wife shouted: "Did you find the shampoo?"
he answered, "Yes, but I'm not sure what to do... it's for dry hair, and I've just wet mine. So now I am waiting for my hair to dry before I can use it!"...

1605 days

एक बुड्ढे से सज्जन अपनी पुरानी मारुति से जा रहे थे कि एक BMW को ज़रा सी खरोंच लग गयी।

बड़ी गाड़ी में से चार लम्बे चौड़े आदमी निकले और वृद्ध व्यक्ति की पिटाई की नौबत आ गयी।

तभी उन्होंने कहा कि आप चार हैं और
मैं अकेला। ये तो ना-इंसाफी है।

उन चारों में जो सबसे बड़ा था संता , वो बोला .पिंकी और बॉबी , तुम अंकल की तरफ हो जाओ।

वो सज्जन बोले ,"पर हम तो तीन हो गऐ और आप दो "

तब संता बोला, कोई बात नहीं अंकल जी आप घर जाओ , हम आपस में निपट लेंगे।


878 days

Santa:Mai Bahut Pareshan Hu Yaar,
Banta:Kya Hua?
Santa:Mai Kuch Bhi Krta Hu To Meri Biwi Beech Me aa Jati Hai.
Banta-Ek Kaam Kar Tu Car Chala Ke Dekh Le :P

2175 days