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Inbox me something you always
wanted to tell me.It's gonna stay
between us.Post this as your
status & maybe someone will
surprise you

17 days

Haha thanks
Caught you
Now you have replied to status
You have to keep a status

1. Finally in a relationship
2. Leaving INDIA Forever
3. Attempting suicide
4. Marriage fixed
5.Finally breakup

31 days

Hey😘This years game is *I OWN U*😘👊now put me as ur story nd write under my picture *I OWN U*❤💋send this to all your contacts nd see who loves you❣💖If you get 4 stories you are popular if u get more than 6 stories you are totally loved don't spoil the fun...Let the game begin......👍nd send backs are alowed 😁😋😘❣

86 days

it's dare😀😀Ager aap muje sach me friend mante ho to meri pic ek din ke liye apne status me upload karni hogi 😘😘😘😘😘😘✨✨✨

Or han ab ise aage bhejo dekhte hai or kon kon apki photo vala status rkhte hai
Mujhe v msg send krna agar apna dost maante ho to
😊 friendship Test 😇

91 days

Tumhari life me aise konse 18 frnds h...jinko tum kabhi bhul nhi paoge...un 18 frnds ko ye msg forward karo...dekho ki kitne reply aate h...18 frnds ko hi bhejna...honestly...mujhe bhi send kar skte ho agr mai un 18 frnds me hu to...5 msgs agr wapas aaye to koi seriously tumse pyaar krta h...try karo❤❤
😊I love u yarrrr

94 days

Choose a letter from my name and chech out a love line😉😍 You must screen shot it and upload it as a story with a nick name for me😈😝Pass it on for the real fun 😁
A- www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1499095338464.jpg

B - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498630939407.jpg

C - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498630616951.jpg

D - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498630995919.jpg

E - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631045573.jpg

F - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631095901.jpg

G - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631145443.jpg

H - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1499095244937.jpg

I- www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1499095081889.jpg

J - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631349356.jpg

K - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631406791.jpg

L - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631472902.jpg

M - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631773865.jpg

N - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1499094788808.jpg

O - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631873380.jpg

P - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498631976331.jpg

Q - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632354439.jpg

R - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632009598.jpg

S - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1499095154589.jpg

T - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/149909545771.jpg

U - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632707750.jpg

V - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632810453.jpg

W - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632881270.jpg

X - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632438832.jpg

Y - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632472365.jpg

Z - www.4GP.ME/ba3s/1498632527132.jpg

135 days

After marriage u & ur wife/husband are walking in road when people see ur pair in road wt they wil comment about urs

🎻 *1111*
🎻 *1112*
🎻 *1113*
🎻 *1114*
🎻 *1115*
🎻 *1116*
🎻 *1117*
🎻 *1118*

169 days

🇦 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं स्वीट|😊
'🇧 ' अक्षर वाले होते है कंजूस😰
'🇨 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं हर दिल अजीज😍
'🇩 ' अक्षर वाले कभी समझौता नहीं करते😏
'🇪 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं दिल➖फेंक 😍
'🇫 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं बेहद चार्मिंग😄
'🇬 ' अक्षर वालों के दिल में मैल नहीं |😊
'🇭 ' अक्षर वाले होतें हैं संकोची😠
'🇮 ' अक्षर वाले दिल से सोचते हैं 💓|
'🇯 ' अक्षर वाले होते है बेहद नखरीले😒
'🇰 ' अक्षर वाले होते है दिलवाले |😃
'🇱 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं प्यारे➖प्यारे😌
'🇲 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं मनमौजी 😜😝😝
'🇳 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैअपना बनाने वाले 😊
'🇴 ' अक्षर वाले होते है छुपे रूस्तम 😜|
'🇵 ' अक्षर वाले होते है पैसै वाले💰
'🇶 ' अक्षर वाले होते है क्रियेटिव |😇
'🇷 ' अक्षर वाले होते है प्यार देने वाले💞आखिर तक सात देनेवाले 👫
'🇸 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं बेहद रोमाटिंक |😍
'🇹 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं मेहनती😧
'🇺 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं मस्तमौला 😛
'🇻 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं आजाद ख्याल के😆
'🇼 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं अड़ियल😠 |
'🇽 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं जल्दबाज😤
'🇾 ' अक्षर वाले बोलते हैं कड़वा |😡
'🇿 ' अक्षर वाले होते हैं सादगी पसंद▪😊☺😌


208 days

I love U : 1
I love U : 2
I love U : 3
I love U : 4
I love U : 5
I love U : 6
I love U : 7
I love U : 8
I love U : 9 I love U : 10
Aj sacha pyar ka din hai.
Ye sMs apne sweet D0st0n k0 send kr0 mujhe Bi krna agr D0st samjte h0 t0.
Agr 5 sMs apk0 wapis Aaye t0 samjhna k 100% ap sy k0i sachi M0hbat krta hai...
"Specially 4 u my sweet frndzZz....'' ......😘😘😘😋😋😋😋

229 days

Wish u Happy "World Bestfriends Day" Send it to all ur closest friends; If u like me sent 2 me also. C how many U get back. U are lovable if u get 7!!
Send dis to all ur contacts
and see which character you
get ! .. ...😍😍😘
😇Doremi...(you are most caring person)
😜Tom.(you fight with me too much....)
😎Deki sugi.. (You are Most intelligent)
😃Nobita.... (You are sensitive kind of person)
😊 Olivia.... (You are True lover)
😁Sunio..... (You are my crush)
😉Oggy... (You are soo cute...)
☺Micky.. (You are Soft hearted & thinking person.....)
😅Gian... (You are duffer)
😈Shinchan.. (You are naughty)
😘minnie(You are such a gr8 unique friend in my life...)
😚pherb(you always think about me).....
😭tazz....(you are such a rotlu person)
😳Jerry....(you are the most beautiful person)
😍Shijuka.....(You are so attractive)
Nw u reply me first.😊:

240 days