Politics (1403)

जब तक कांग्रेस की सरकार थी तब जब तब केजरी सर पे जूते, स्याही, थप्पड़ पड़ जाते थे.. जब से भाजपा आयी है तबसे ऐसी घटनाएं बंद हैं.. फिर भी सर जी नहीं मानते कि अच्छे दिन चल रहे हैं

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sweet guy

judge Congress ke ... togadiya Congress ka ..... afsarshahi Congress ki..... to bhakto tumhare saheb kya methi chun rahe hain... had hoti hai

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jai bharat

*वो बार मे दारू पिलाती थी इसीलिए सभी नशे में थे..*🥃🍺

*ये चाय वाला है इसलिए सबकी नींद खुल गई..*🙏😄

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#62तोपो की सलामी उन भक्तो के लिए
जो #गुखोर ये समझ रहे थे के

#हज_सब्सिडी ख़त्म होने से #मुल्लों में मातम छा जायेगा

#मक्का_मुकर्रमा और #मदीना_मुनव्वरा का सफर #पैसा से नही #नसीब से होता हैं......

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uthi thi Ramleela maidan me wo lalkaar kiski thi ?

100% F.D.I aa gayi ab to bata do

wo salwar kiski thi...?

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jai bharat

adarniya ramdevji aap kahte hain na swadeshi apnao parantu aapke param Mitra rastrarishi adarniya modi ji videshi companiyon ko bharat bula rahe hain aise me tathakathit rastrawadi bhartiya kya nirnaya le.... ye jara spasht kar dijiye

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jai bharat

Why we not rise above religion and caste politics? Why struck at these two retarders?

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Sudesh K Jain

*हराम के बांटे गए अवार्ड वापस आ गए अब हराम के बनाए गए जज भी बाहर आ रहे है*

*लोकतंत्र नही तुम्हारा बाप खतरे में हैं*
*#हरामिओ #देशद्रोहियो*


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akshay parekh

*मोदी ने जबर्दस्त कीटनाशक डाला है बिलों में...*

*अब तो सुप्रीम कोर्ट तक से कीड़े बाहर निकल रहे हैं*


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akshay parekh

1. Two days back, CJI Dipak Misra ordered a special investigation team (SIT) to reopen 1984 Sikh riots cases and investigate 186 cases related to it.
2. Last month, CJI Dipak Misra slammed Kapil Sibal when he asked to postpone the judgement of Ram Janmbhumi case after July 2019.
3. Justice Dipak Misra is leading the bench which will pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case.
4. The judges collegium, everyone knows is a part of the "ecosystem" created over the last 7 decades and has always thwarted efforts to let "outsiders"come in the circle. It was this collegium which Modi Government wanted to dismantle through NJAC and wanted that people's representatives should have a say in Judges appointment. The entire Judiciary ably supported by Congress derailed the entire activity and refused to comply.
5. Well, the campaign against Dipak Misra, maligning the CJI (a constitutional post) baselessly and asking his impeachment a day after he ordered reopening of Sikh riots case and is set to pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case shows the power of ecosystem.
As retired SC Judge RS Sodhi said, "These four judges have formed a union. There are 23 other judges as well. This trade unionism to malign the office of CJI is immature and uncalled for. These 4 judges have no right to sit in the highest court and must be impeached." I agree with Justice Sodhi.

Via: Kshitij Mohan Singh

P.S.: The Congress Ecosystem is in Universities, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and every where you can imagine in this country. We have only the people's support to dismantle the ecosystem and the filth called Congress which considers this Country it's inherent property because they have developed that ecosystem which provides it oxygen, day in and day out.

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