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This post is special... as it is your first & major step towards becoming a mod. Becoming a Mod largely requires 2 things - ability to provide codes & good behaviour in app. And, we had found that most users give up becoming mod on finding it all being a random process. But with this following method, we aim to streamline the first step - which is also the toughest & longest.

This is basically a continuation of Vishal's post (#:45323) where users should post the dupli codes of any message that was approved by mods. But there is also a major difference that here we track your code providing progress through following method:

If your code provided is correct, mod will 'like' your comment. Once 3 likes by a mod, system will record a correct code provided by you. Once you get X correct codes in Y days, you will be eligible for modship.

Imp Points:
- X & Y will be regularly adjusted with time. You will be updated about that.
- Your progress will be shown to you in your profile. So you will always be clear of your current standing, which can be a great motivating factor.
- Even after fulfilling your X goal, please note that YOU ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY MADE A MOD. Your past behaviour, activity & any signs of unhealthy groupism in the app will be studied. If everything found normal (mostly which would), then only you will be made a mod.
- Also, when the app has sufficient active mods (say 8-10), eligible mods will be kept in 'Mods-in-making' for future.
- Moreover... 3 'likes' requirement mentioned above will be increased as mods increase.


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