Good Night (3876)

Tonight May the
Extremely Healing Lights
from the Stars ✨ 🌟✨
reach for you in your
💛Heart 💛
to lift you out of
mental fatigue ..!!!
Good Night

14 hours

ये वैसी ही रात हैं,
जिसे देखकर
हम रातों को
बचपन 👶में
चाँद मामा की
कहानी सुनते थे,
और मस्त से सो 😴जाते थे,
क्यूँकि ना हम उसी यादों
को सबके दिलो में ताज़ा करे 😘
और Good Night बोल आयें,

a day
anil Manawat

🌟Silent Treasure
of Delight 💛for Y❤️U

May silently the
🌟✨warm wishes 🙌💫
trace fingers on your back &
Let the Comfort in your
Dreams settle your Eyes
for delightful sleeping..!!

🌙Good Night 💤

Moon is Glowing to give us a Security of Love and Peace and also to Renew the Better tomorrow, Enjoy it..😘
🌟Good Night🌟

2 days
anil Manawat

💜Saintly Moon 🌙
💜Angel Stars 🌟
...and above all may
💖Good Dreams
make sure your
😤Responses 😘
to Good imaginations
for the sake of your
Body and Soul ..!!💞

💙Good Night 💙

रात एक Beautiful हैं,
जो Stars के संग,
Dreams के बीचों बीच
सफ़र करने को ही एक..
Sweet Dreams कहते हैं,
Good Night😘

3 days
anil Manawat

✨ Lord 🙌
We Can\'t see you
But You know us
Completely 🌟💫
Your mercy give New Birth
to the living hopes through
Resurrection of Beautiful
Dreams tonight..!!!

🌙Good Night 💤

Today\'s Glittering Stars
Wishing you today a Night
of Life time achievement
and a Dream of Stardom,
♥️#Good Night#♥️

5 days
anil Manawat

May 🌙💥🌸
Your Prayers 🙌🧘🏿‍♂️Be
Pleasing in the
sight of Moon 🌙 to
Bless you wondrous
Blessings and Harmony ..!!

Good Night 😘💤

Tonight Capture
🧚‍♀️Another Dreams🧚‍♀️
🧜‍♀️Another Feels 🧜‍♀️
💞Another Loves💞
from Moon 🌙 to become
Another New Soul ✨💫

🌎Good Night 🌘