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Hey friends...

Here is another of major change in app working after l/q implementation. :sweat:

Currently it was being seen that most of the uploads only go in few categories & thus other categories were losing steam. So, this time our aim is to try to bring back the glory of all categories and give a more balanced look in the app.

Straight to the point, we have done following things/steps regarding this:
- Server now records how much time a category opens.
- Low opened categories gets more importance & vice versa in the following way:
- While generating trending list (no affect anywhere else), likes of a message will be reduced proportionately to how often it's category was opened.

Example: In our testing we found that currently Status Update category is opened 30% times of all categories opened. Jokes / Shayari come second at 7%. And categories like Smile etc open 0-1% times. So, likes of a message coming from Status Update category will be divided by 30. Jokes by 7, & Smile by nothing i.e. all likes will be counted.
And then, Currently Trending list will be generated based on sorting by this. This way we expect less used categories to have a chance as well!

Handy Tip:
You can check the divide factor for each category by long pressing the category icon. This is generated live & is updates every hour. It now also shows which category likes are not counted at all.

As always, nothing is final here. This is just our 1st attempt to bring more 'category' balance into app. Calculations will be adjusted as & when required.

Hope it was not another complex thing to understand (well, it was!). Keep feedbacking us!
See you all! Lots of love!


Summary in Hindi (copied from comment #8 below):

Jo catgry bohat less open hoti hai us catgry k msgs bhi ab trending list me aa sakege.. Like, status catgry aur catgry se 30% open hui hai to us catgry k msg ki likes 30 se divide hogi..n like pjs n aur other catgry hai jo ek dam less open hui hai to us catgry k msg ki sari likes count hogi for trending list.. N aap catgry k icon pe long press kar k dekh sakte hai likes divide factor jo evry hour ki updates show karegi

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Following content must be read by both mods & uploaders.

1. NO SIGNATURES: Do not append your name, phone number, location or any other personal information to your uploads. All this is visible in your profile.

2. NO POOR QUALITY CONTENT: Although this app encourages fresh creative content, but a message which brings almost no value and will be discarded by majority of readers - will be considered undesirable as it lessens the quality of the app in the eyes of the readers. Yes, this is very subjective & debatable point, but if a number of mods consider a particular upload as such, mods will be given the benefit of the doubt based on their excellent previous track record, and thus, such messages can be discarded.

3. USE OF SPECIAL / REGIONAL CHARACTERS IS GENERALLY DISCOURAGED: Although emoji, decorative & regional characters like hindi add spice to the message & app, but they also make it harder to curb the duplicate issue as they are difficult to be searched - both automatically by code & manually by mods. So, we only encourage use of these characters in artistic message use & discourage in other cases. So mods may discard it if they consider it a duplicate or of poor quality.

4. CODES FOR DUPLICATES IS WELCOMED BUT NOT MANDATORY. Even if no code, a reason for disapproval by mods will also be highly appreciated, but again not mandatory.

5. MODS SHOULD NEVER APPROVE A FORCED DUPLICATE: This violation may result in stripping off mods power.

6. RESPECT THE MODS: If an uploader gets a few disapprovals without code / reason OR whether he finds it as an unfair decision, the uploader should not abuse / harass the mods. Harassment includes any activity that disturbs mods working... through written text or through any activity like continuously uploading irrelevant / duplicate / irritating messages. Instead, mods should be appreciated for all the selfless effort they have been doing for benefit of the entire community as a whole. It is result of their hard work that you liked the app enough to consider uploading in it!


8. Read a particular category's upload guidelines by long pressing the icon, and please follow them.

9. LASTLY, any activity or content that is beyond above mentioned points' scope, but still negatively affects the app & it's users - will not be tolerated.


1. Violating above rules may invite ban. Ban is decided through either of the following two ways:
a) On direct clear violation like abusing & sharing personal phone number, ban is applied immediately.
b) In other cases, bans are applied on the suggestions of other users esp. SuperMods. SuperMods suggested bans are always almost applied instantly (with only a slight verification). SuperMods interact with SA Team through a separate area - not visible to other users.

Ban is always applied without any after & before discussions / explanations with the banned users, in any form. Community will gradually (actually, quickly) forget the banned user.

2. We do believe that in some cases the line between what is acceptable & what not will be very thin. In such cases (when you think your upload was 'fine', but mods think otherwise) uploaders please understand that mods will almost always be given benefit of the doubt - based on the reason that mods get no personal benefit in approving a 'bad' or 'good' upload, and also because they have a very good past record.
So, our advice will be to ignore if you get a few disapprovals. And only if you see a general wrong pattern in mods working across a period of time - report us.

Thank You for your understanding and your invaluable contribution to the community!

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Resetting password is easy!

1. Open "My Web Profile" from "Settings" tab.
2. Enter your username*
3. Click "Forgot Password"
4. Confirm with you email address that you submitted while creating account.
5. That's it, you will get a new password on your email!

Additional Notes:
* If username if also forgotten, you can know it by opening the "Welcome" Email sent when account was created. Username is written against "Hi" in the first line of the email.
- You can change your password by clicking "Account" button located on top left of "Settings" tab (only visible when you are logged in).
- As a security measure, if you do not have access to email account that is linked to your user account, then there is no way of recovering password. In this case, even requesting us will not help as we have no way to assure if you are the legit user or not. So please always keep your updated email in our records!


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To address the l/q problem, we have now applied the following new set of rules as a new trial for uploads.

- The basic essence of this method is that l/q will only be determined by number of likes a message gets, rather than any individual opinion. This would remove biased feeling among users & also make mods free of any disrespect & also free of additional burden of thinking about any upload as l/q or not.
- This method forces uploader to focus more on uploading quality & likes-getting uploads rather than just quantity.

METHOD: For every uploader (whether fresh or senior), avg likes of his past 1 month uploads (in likes counted category) will be checked. And based on that, following rules apply:
1. If avg likes are between 0-99 - the uploader gets a restriction of 1 upload in 6 hours.
2. If avg likes are between 100-199 - the uploader gets a restriction of 1 upload in 1 hour.
3. If avg likes are between 200-299 - the uploader gets a restriction of 3 uploads in 1 hour.
4. If avg likes are 300+ - the uploader can upload 5 uploads in 1 hour.

Additional notes:
- For a fresh uploader or a past one month inactive old uploader, avg likes will be 0. Although the person can immediately jump to 300+ section if his 1st upload gets 300+ likes. This way even good new uploaders can enjoy more freedom, compared to last condition of having 20 uploads minimum.
- Some users have been tactically deleting their approved uploads to gain avg likes in past. But now when they will delete their approved upload, the upload will move to a 'self-deletion' category (with no icon in categories list) - where its avg likes will be counted & will also come in dupli detection on both keyword search & machine detector. Moreover, it will greatly discourage this practice & force uploaders further to select, what they think are, good uploads only.
- It is seen that uploaders try for Status Update category even if it belongs to other categories, for extra likes it gets compared to others. If this behaviour is found continued, then we can even reduce the number of likes to 50% when counted for any likes calculation - of their uploads in Status Update category - to discourage such behaviour.
- Also note that as in past, this method is in trial. Will be adjusted / reverted if & when required.
- If this turns out to be success, we also plan to replace stats & stars in user profile page to reflect this data only, so that is live updated about his/her progress.

Lastly, we appreciate the contribution of users 'Rk3530', 'The Joker' & 'dream_f@ctory' in forming this. We hope it turns out to be beneficial for all users.

Thanks for reading. Your feedback goes below.

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There seems to be some confusion regarding this. Let's clear it!

This is a 2 step process:

1. A collection of all top messages in 24 hours period is put in 'Currently Trending' list. However not whole day used categories like Good Morning & Good Night are not included in this.

2. Trending PN trigger is activated twice a day - as of writing once at about noon & other at about 9 pm IST. Time gets 1 hour +- based on whether summers or winters. This trigger 1st checks if any of message in above mentioned Currently Trending list has crossed X likes. If yes, then it checks the category of that message. Certain categories like Adult, Status Updates etc are not allowed to trend as of this writing. If category okay then message is trended, otherwise next message is checked. Process repeats until first match is found. If no match found, nothing gets trended.

That's it! Hope it is clear now. We are thinking of a way to show which categories get trending PN in near future.

Thanks for reading!

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Following are the reasons that will invite a ban:

1. Abusing - Strictly not allowed.
2. Counter-Abusing - Email us if you are unhappy with any user. If you counter abuse, you will be banned along with the original abuser.
3. Uploading personal messages OR Ads.
4. Too much disliking - Periodic checks on dislikes will be done. Any user found with abnormal likes - against all-messages / particular user / particular category - will be banned. If you do not like a particular category, just do not open it.
5. Any other indecent behavior. User is responsible to keep app's environment clean & exemplary for other/new users.


1. We reserve the right to ban any user without any specific reason & explanation.

2. The above list should never be considered as final. There will be many other reasons which will be known with time, and will be added to the list.

3. To remain focus on further app development, we can never go too personal with any user. So, whenever a user is banned, it will be done silently - no post/notification anywhere. The community will gradually forget the user. The user's email will also be blocked/ignored.

4. Do not expect any exception to above rules or any special respect/privilege if you are in top uploaders list. Rather, being an active user, your responsibility towards the app is greater.

5. When you are banned, both your username & device are banned. No new account on that device will work. You can rejoin us on a new device with a new account.

6. Not logged-in users can also be banned from disliking, as their devices can be banned.

If you do not accept these conditions, kindly do not use this app.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Gradually, more Posts will be added in this category

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+ A TIP!!

I has been observed that some uploaders feel upset when mods mark / comment on their uploads as duplicate.

Yes, it is understood that the uploader feels really hurt / bad when his message is moved to trash, but consider following points as well:

1. As the uploaded content is usually a copy paste of already well-circulated SMS, it is quite high chance that the upload is already there in the app

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Following content must be read by both mods & uploaders.

LINK DESCRIPTION: The most important thing to focus on is description that an uploader attaches with the link. This description is the only thing that a user will see before opening the link. So, it is very important that the description provides some clear specific detail about the link. In our BETA testing, we observed some users writing, 'awesome video - check it out' or just 'youtube'. These kind of descriptions should by discouraged & uploader may be asked to re-upload link with clear specific description.

To make things easy, we have also provided an option for uploader to use link's title as description - which solves the above mentioned issue 80% of the time. But in some cases, for example, when sharing a Facebook post - the title is not related to the post, but it is just the general Facebook page name - description can become unrelated to the link. Here again uploader should insert a manual description.

NOT JUST NO-NUDITY: Obviously, nudity or porn is a clear big NO. But other than that, any type of sexually suggestive content through any means is also strictly not allowed, example sex-stories, etc.


NO PERSONAL INFORMATION: Do not share any page detailing you and your friends' details. Do not consider it as a dating app.

Read a particular category's upload guidelines by long pressing the icon, and please follow them.

LASTLY, any activity or sharing which negatively affects the app & it's users - will not be tolerated.


Finally, we do believe that in some cases the line between what is acceptable & not will be very thin. In such cases (when you think your upload was 'fine', but mods think otherwise) uploaders please understand that mods will almost always be given benefit of the doubt - based on the reason that mods get no benefit in approving a 'bad' or 'good' upload, and also because they have a very good past record.
So, our advice will be to ignore if you get a few disapprovals. And only if you see a general wrong pattern in mods working across a period of time - report us.

Thank You!

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Dear New Users:
The comments to this post contains Frequently Asked Questions (along with answers) that are asked in "User's Lounge" category.
Please read all the comments here before asking a question in "User's Lounge" category.

And if your question is not present here, DO NOT MAKE A NEW COMMENT HERE as you will not get answer here - instead ask in "User's Lounge" category.

Hope this helps you!

Dear "Senior" Users:
Whenever you feel a question is repeatedly asked in "User's Lounge", please comment it here along with its answer! Do not post any other type of comment.


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