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11 Aug 2015

[STARTED] Work on better dupli finder started. Should also fix finding regional dupli & searching messages in regional languages.

Will update you on the progress.

1076 days
FunOn Team


Bug where a few categories were not shown, is now fixed!

1092 days
FunOn Team


Just to give you a massive update - last month your app had 3,00,000th download!!

Yes! And all this without any marketing done in direct / indirect sorts! 177k on Android & 123k on iOS! And in the month of Dec'15, we had our highest download numbers by far!
This is perfect start to the new year - which we believe will be most defining year of this app - as we have big plans going forward in terms of both features in this app & reach to masses! You will have plenty of nice surprises to digest!!

It has been a great journey so far when we look back. And a big thanks to all the users esp our old users, mods & top uploaders - WDF always has a special place for you - you all make this app what it is today!

Thanks again!

902 days
FunOn Team



Hi folks,

Now your website shows all categories including Puzzles, with comments displayed. So basically all of our app is there on the web!

And the best part is #:123456 works with comments there as well!!

Enjoy & tell your friends about it!


1045 days
FunOn Team


Images coming in few minutes, finally!
Check App Store for the update! If you not get the update now, please check back in few minutes. It can take upto 30 min to propagate to your DNS servers!

Biggest update since launch.
Our delayed* Diwali gift to you all for showering us with love!!

Come, Join the Celebrations!!

WDF Team


*delayed as Apple wanted us to rate this app age 17+ now! Hehe!!

977 days
FunOn Team

HUGE SURPRISE!! WDF IS NOW FunOn, and here's why...

Well, it started with SMS Addict - which is still considered as v good name - but we parted from it due to 1. 'SMS' decline was writing on the wall, 2. we had to include images as well.

We then picked WDF (WhatDaFun) - as then app was only youth centric.

But, as the app grew in the meantime, we saw it's audience is now actually EVERYONE who has a smartphone!

And thus, we went for a clean, simple, cool to speak, easy to guess spellings (for word of mouth publicity), any age safe!

WDF was extremely difficult name to comprehend for whosoever is not familiar with WTF (surprisingly, there are a lot!). In addition, due to its slight spelling variation from WTF - it was a disaster for word of mouth recommendation! You always needed to clarify spellings (huh!). And lastly, as most of you would agree - even for the people who know about WTF, WDF doesn't sound decent name to some of them!

And, as a bonus - we have a new refreshing icon is focused on laughter - finally!!

As you know with us - there is nothing permanent here - everything is an experiment - big / small - both. This one was not so successful - not an issue!

We hope to see new life with this name FunOn! Lets see what it has for this app's future.

Hope you like it!!
And again - thanks for all the love - it is the fuel for this app!!

WDF.. errr.. FunOn Team!!

778 days
FunOn Team



Android with comments BETA launched today! Brining 2-3 times more users on our app's comments!

Interested active users with Android 4.0.3+ who want to join as BETA testers, please email us at We only have a few days, as version is stable & final.

Also, to clear, no uploads coming yet on Android - do not want to burden mods as of yet. Will come very soon though with mods issue fixed first.


1023 days
FunOn Team


Numerous small launch bugs resolved:

+ Copy link method improved for web. But still has bugs - will be resolved in near future
+ trended message have yellow background now
+ Move to top button for mobile
+ Mobile Ad placement fixed.

1091 days
FunOn Team


Hi Folks, hows it going? Seems all great looking at your emails & reviews!! We see mainly 2 requests prominent nowadays - ability to block user & separate Hindi English texts. We will begin working on both points very soon!

However, this post is to tell about a nice to have problem that a growing startup faces (that we faced 3 time prior already) - server chocking. You must have seen lately the app has having intermittent downtime - and you guessed it right - which is because of sudden jump in users due to our super active consistent work in Android. Only last month we added almost double the number of android users than the prior highest record!!

So, in that regard, we are now shifting to a new powerful server - not just powerful, a 5 times powerful server than current!! Whoa! It should care about the app speed for at least one year now! The earlier it starts to choke, the better :).

We are already in process of migration. And as includes a certain downtime (5 min - 6 hours user to user depending on various factors), we will aim for India Late night time.

Hope to see you on new server very soon!!

Have fun!

904 days
FunOn Team


We are opening our gates to new set of mods, for images!!

We will send invites to users on their emails, who have name on this page ( You can also open this from App Stats in App Menu.
If you have wrong email registered, you make a comment here.

In addition, other users can also apply. Interested users, please make a comment below. We will prefer users based on their language knowledge (we will prefer users who knows famous-in-app languages like marathi, punjabi, etc), how many uploads they have done, average tag rating, etc.

Benefits for mods:
+ Top priority user for WDF Team.
+ You get direct chat line with Team for any of your issues / suggestions.
+ Special mention in your profile
+ Included in the BETA users by default, get early access to next release - & get it tweaked to your liking.
+ More benefits in near future


856 days
FunOn Team