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HUGE SURPRISE!! WDF IS NOW FunOn, and here's why...

Well, it started with SMS Addict - which is still considered as v good name - but we parted from it due to 1. 'SMS' decline was writing on the wall, 2. we had to include images as well.

We then picked WDF (WhatDaFun) - as then app was only youth centric.

But, as the app grew in the meantime, we saw it's audience is now actually EVERYONE who has a smartphone!

And thus, we went for a clean, simple, cool to speak, easy to guess spellings (for word of mouth publicity), any age safe!

WDF was extremely difficult name to comprehend for whosoever is not familiar with WTF (surprisingly, there are a lot!). In addition, due to its slight spelling variation from WTF - it was a disaster for word of mouth recommendation! You always needed to clarify spellings (huh!). And lastly, as most of you would agree - even for the people who know about WTF, WDF doesn't sound decent name to some of them!

And, as a bonus - we have a new refreshing icon is focused on laughter - finally!!

As you know with us - there is nothing permanent here - everything is an experiment - big / small - both. This one was not so successful - not an issue!

We hope to see new life with this name FunOn! Lets see what it has for this app's future.

Hope you like it!!
And again - thanks for all the love - it is the fuel for this app!!

WDF.. errr.. FunOn Team!!

592 days
FunOn Team


Bug where a few categories were not shown, is now fixed!

906 days
FunOn Team


Just to give you a massive update - last month your app had 3,00,000th download!!

Yes! And all this without any marketing done in direct / indirect sorts! 177k on Android & 123k on iOS! And in the month of Dec'15, we had our highest download numbers by far!
This is perfect start to the new year - which we believe will be most defining year of this app - as we have big plans going forward in terms of both features in this app & reach to masses! You will have plenty of nice surprises to digest!!

It has been a great journey so far when we look back. And a big thanks to all the users esp our old users, mods & top uploaders - WDF always has a special place for you - you all make this app what it is today!

Thanks again!

717 days
FunOn Team


As a thank-you reward to selfless contribution to app, diamond Q-mods will now not receive full screen ADs!

Currently this is the only way to disable Full screen ADs in the app!!

Thank you!!

867 days
FunOn Team



Yes, you read it right! With v4.5 - our most demanded feature from Android users has been finally fulfilled! Come join the party!

Also, today marks an extremely big milestone for WDF. After burst of major updates in past 2-3 months, it the first day in app's history that both iOS & Android now have EXACTLY SAME FEATURES - a long-standing desire of us & a persistent demand from Android users!!


As we have some unique working regarding uploading in our app, let us introduce you the basics:
As we highlight the most recent content to the users, it is very important that we filter out duplicates / wrong category, etc issues before it gets there. We have following steps for that:
1. When you upload, first machine auto instantly checks for a similar message & offers you one suggestion. If it is similar, you just stop the upload there - it would anyways be rejected later & earn you bad reputation. If not similar, proceed uploading.
2. Every message is moved to a Queue - wherein it requires certain calculations based on time in queue & number of approvals from mods, to get released to main the main category. Read more at #:302789.
3. Even after it is released, it can still be trashed if someone provides the duplicate code for it in #:222222 - the process which helps in choosing future mods!

Thus, an upload can take a few hours to get released! All this to keep quality over quantity.


With ability to upload, comes content responsibility as well. So, from the get go - we are giving android users ability to become WDF mods & contribute in controlling app quality by moderating the Queue! Please open 'Mod Making' category for more!

This marks a milestone release. Glad to finally reach it!


772 days
FunOn Team


Numerous small launch bugs resolved:

+ Copy link method improved for web. But still has bugs - will be resolved in near future
+ trended message have yellow background now
+ Move to top button for mobile
+ Mobile Ad placement fixed.

905 days
FunOn Team



Hi, Your Diwali surprise gift has been dispatched and will be delivered on your play store tomorrow!!

Get ready to enter to a whole new world in the app!!
The biggest update since app launched 4 years back!!

See you tomorrow guys :) !!

803 days
FunOn Team



You will get this annoying irrelevant alert on every launch in v5.0. It just got left by mistake as was not available in BETA. We will observe a few more hours to see if we get any other minor such issues, & then submit a release to Apple. It might take a few days to get release.

Apologise for such silly thing. Please bear this irritation for few days!!

And yeah.. badi badi apps mein aise chotte chotte issues ho jaate hein!

792 days
FunOn Team



Fixed the 'Wrong App Name' alert on launch.
Fixed the WhatsApp sharing in Texts.
Also fixed 2 crashes.

You should get it anytime within next 1-7 days.

783 days
FunOn Team



WDF gets COMMENTS, finally!

+ Don't just 'like', now even tell the uploader who you feel about the message!!
Comments dependent categories like 'Puzzles', now finally available - one of the most requested feature!!
Interact / make friends with fellow iOS users & ever growing Android users community!!

+ If theme disturbs you, can now disable it.

+ Various small improvements throughout the app!

Keep showering us with your love!! More big updates in Queue!!

Love you all!

PS: Special Thanks to our very senior user 'Specky Boy' for detailed feedback on the BETA of this release!

829 days
FunOn Team