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The hindi new year and navratri category missing.

1218 days

Thanks alot SA team we are grateful to u
Love u Guyz and keep growing lyk dis daily god bless ok !!!!:):)

2451 days

App is crashing while checking the links category.
I suggest the team to make a separate app for that.

1904 days

Plz add shayari category
It's needed..

2542 days
goDs MessengeR

Hi WDF Team

Please also add a category of Haryanvi language only

923 days
Inderpal Yadav

@MG: Yea... CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Founder of "Puzzle" Category, it is def. a HIT!!
Puzzle category going very well ... Cheers to SA team
Luv u guys ... (SA team) gr8 job

This app is suffering b/c
After every 6/8 hr check the queue category approve 10-12 msgs in a minute blindly in a single category as other users will find the dupli codes later,
if any user ask why so long in queue
Reply lyk this👉
We are not online everytym
We are not paid
We hv exams
We hv dont tym these days
We approve 80-90 msgs daily
We are human beings

In short you guyz loose dedication for the app, plz leave the job if you dont hv tym for the app,
Its humble request please🙏
There are other hard working people on the app
plz plz plz🙏🙏🙏

@PC: Email us the msg you are trying to post
Dear team I think there is some issue as reported earlier also by other user with uploading of msgs!!

Even I'm not able to upload sometimes!! And since I'm one of the initial users of the app, m pretty sure that msg I'm abt to post has not been posted earlier!! So it's not because of duplicity I guess!!


1. The number of comments when viewing 'Comments Got' & 'After Comments' were being incorrectly shown after we had done changes to sms fetch code (for speed improvement) few days back. But now we have tried to fix it.

2. What we had learnt in speeding up SMS list, we have now applied in comments list. Although, it was already fine - so you might or might not see any significant difference for now, but it will save us in future when comments database grows even bigger.

3. Done a few weeks back (while testing for android) - Search results now do not show adult messages when adult categories are hidden. It was surprising to know that no one pointed this all this while!

4. A new moderator was selected every week - if he fulfilled certain conditions. But now, as we have enough mods, this process has been temporarily stopped. We will re-enable it some time later with more stricter settings.

5. Now if a mod comments on an upload that is still in queue, it will not show in his 'After Comments'. It will again be visible when it moves out of the queue.

That's it for now folks... Let us know in comments if you experience any problem related to them... Auto Ban will follow!

2207 days
FunOn Team

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1577 days
Nitin bansal