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As per Apple's latest instructions, we will be disabling TapJoy from current available versions as well. Process has been started & will be completed anytime between next 12-48 hours. So, if you nearing any unlock, kindly do it immediately. After the disable, you won't be able to unlock any feature, even if you have sufficient points.

Read below for more on this in our earlier post.


Earlier on 30th Dec'12:


Few weeks back we had tried releasing a small update of the app to fix some minor annoyances.
But Apple rejected the update saying we should remove TapJoy as it promotes downloading of other apps in a way that doesn't fall under the Apple's T&C.

So, in the upcoming v4, we have disabled TapJoy altogether & you will not be able earn or unlock any new features.

But any feature you unlock through v3, will still be unlock able & sync able (on same device) through our server in the upcoming version.

So, we highly recommend that you consume all your left over earned points.

We will offer an alternative unlock option (most probably the official Apple In-App Purchases) in a future version of the app.

SA Team

2345 days
FunOn Team

@ Areef : They are not doing purposely, no one can go through each and every msges what others have written. That's why we have asked the SMS ADDICT TEAM for a feature which will avoid duplicate msges and they are bringing it in next update. Please read the previous posts.
:) :) :)

2822 days

I noticed one more thing..when while writing a comment if I scroll up then the keyboard stays n covers half of the screen..this issue has been fixed in msgs app by apple..on scrolling down it comes down even when some text is just check it out if it can be fixed.

I tried to give feedback today bt the application crashed plz chk it out ....

2412 days

We have seasonal category for friendship day and Ramzan. Can we have temporary one for independence day or a permanent one for patriotism?

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Jc. Sumith Agarwal

This is really an awsm app..
M just loving it

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Hey guys.. although we hate to put any restrictions esp on freedom of speech in a community driven app, but our app is more fun oriented & thus we must not allow any things which might hurt religious sentiments of any group.

So please abstain from using this app as medium of posting any thing which humiliates any other religious group. We must set exemplary standard in this regard too, in the same way we have been able to maintain in other aspects of behaviour in this app.

In addition, we have temp banned 'RRR' user - who was the main provoker with abuses in this incident. Decision on Permanent ban of him & Temp Ban of other 2 users will be done tomorrow.


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FunOn Team

Have gone through the all Comments, 2 steps of MODs is correct.
Only one thing I want to add - SA Team need to thing differently, instead of highest nos of uploaded approvers SA Team need to set second step of MODs of those people who had uploaded very less messages but they got the maximum nos of likes because these people's have that taste what most of the people likes.👍

2622 days
Mehul Shah

great to know about users' lounge! Hope you guys have thanked/congratulated user "AK" too for the same!

We MIGHT (most likely though) will release an important post on Update in few days - when only testing will be left!


Congrats guys for the success of user lounge I think it's working very well having loads of fun using it :-) and anything on the upcoming update..estimated date of arrival with brief description of features?? :-)

Since The Second WDF Team Has Put Up Holi Ka Theme 😍 , My Hands Are Not At All Ready To Close This App ..😘😃

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Purav Patel