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डॉ: कितने पैग पीते हो ?
Patient: आठ

डॉ: चार कर दो एक हफ्ते बाद आना।

एक हफ्ते बाद,,,,

डॉ: कैसा लग रहा है????

Patient: बहुत अच्छा

डॉ: अब दो कर दो, एक हफ्ते बाद आना..

एक हफ्ते बाद,,,,

डॉ: अब कैसा लग रहा है ?

Patient: बहुत अच्छा...

डॉ: ठीक है अब एक पैग कर दो

Patient: नहीं करूंगा अब एक नहीं करूंगा।

मैं पहले पूरी बोतल के आठ पैग बनाता था और आपने दो करवा दिया।

बाजार में इतना बड़ा गिलास नहीं मिलता कि पूरी बोतल उस में आ जाये, सिंगल पेग बनाने के लिये ।।😃😝

1009 days

A Non Muslim came to an Alim and asked: Why is it Not Permissible in Islam for a Women to shake hands with a Man?

The Alim said: Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?

The Non Muslim said: Ofcourse not, there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth.

Alim replied: Our Women are Queens and Queens do not shake hands with strange men.

Then the Non Muslim asked onother Question: Why do your Girls cover up their body and hair?

The Alim smiled and got two sweets, he opened the first one and kept the other one closed. He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked the Non Muslim: If I asked you to take one of the sweets which one will you choose?

The Non Muslim replied: The covered one.

The Alim said: That's how we treat and see our women. Women should not be like the Moon which everyone can See and Admire, they should be like the Sun which makes the Viewers
Lower their Gaze.

Non Muslim: Show me God if he exist.

Alim Replied: Look at the Sun

Man Replied: I Can't see, the Rays hurt my eyes Alim Said: If u can't see at the Creation of God then how will you be able to Look at the Creater?

Lastly the Non Muslim invited the Alim to his house and gave him Grapes, the Alim ate them, then he offered him a cup of wine, the Alim refused, the Non Muslim asked him how did you Muslims forbidden wine and ate grapes although the wine came from grapes?

Alim Replied: Do you have a daughter?
He said yes, the Alim asked him could you marry her? the Non Muslim said no, the Alim said Subhan Allah, you marry her mother and can't marry her although she came from her.

2123 days

SHARABI cinema hall me achanak chillaya-Mera lund kahan gaya..! Mera lund kaha gaya..!?

GirL- chup hoja bhosdi ke...!!
Tera hath MERI panty me Hai.!


2460 days

Mohabbat Yahan Bikti Hai Ishq Nilam Hota Hai,

Bharose Ka Katal Yahan Khule Aam Hota Hai,

Jamane Se Thokar Mili To Chale Hum Maikhane Mein,

Aur Wahi Jamana Humein Sharabi Ka Naam Saare Aam Deta Hai.

2185 days

Wife: Kya kar rahe ho?
Husband: Makkhiya maar rha hu.
Wife: Kitni mari?
Husband: 3 male aur 2 female.
Wife: Kaise malum?
Husband: Kyonki 3 daru ki botal se chipki thi or 2 phone se...

2445 days

I always considered u as a fun material...
It's only after my marriage that i have understood the real importance of U....

Sorry 'Alcohol'

2398 days

What is SHRAVAN ?
When 'wine & women' get replaced by 'water & wife ' that critical month of life is called 'SHRAVAN' !!

2115 days

tere bin guzara aey #JACKDANIEL hai mushkil..

494 days

चुपचाप चल रहे थे हम अपनी मंजिल की तरफ..

फिर रस्ते में एक ठेका पड़ा और हम गुमराह हो गए।

1087 days

मै शराब नहीं पीता,
इसलिए नहीं की शराब
सेहत के लिए
हानिकारक है !
. .
इसलिए की मै अकेला रहता हूँ
पीने के बाद
English में बात किस से करूँगा !


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