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*🏳‍🌈 Jai Jinendra 🏳‍🌈*
*Date* : 18th December, 2018
*Thithi : Dassam ( 10 ) *

*Araha Jin Janma*
*Araha Jin Moksha*

*Tip For The Day : *
• "Araha Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Onion, Curd, Channa, Chikki (Burfi) ka tyaag kare.

*🏳‍🌈Jai Mahaveer 🏳‍🌈*

*Important Information :*
From now on, *"🙏🏻"* would be replaced by *"🏳‍🌈"*.
There are several factors proving the importance of the 5-coloured flag :

1. Scientifically & also according to Jainism, The flag denotes the 5 colours (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White), (Kala, Neela, Laal, Pila, Safed)those are the only colors that a living being can see. Any other color is nothing but the mixture of these 5.

2. According to Jainsim,
These 5 colours denote the 5 Padh of the Navkar Mantra.......

(To be continued......)

*Thank you for the suggestion, Sunil Ji Lalwani, Tirukoilur, TamilNadu. *

246 days
Sunil Lalwani