Message # 450313

```Dare``` 😎

*You have to answer all these questions honestly.*

*1. How much do u like me..?* 😊
A) 100%. B) 75%
C) 50%. D) 25%

*2. What u like most in my face..?* 🙂
A) eyes👁 B) nose👃🏻
C) lips 👄. D) hairs😊

*3. In next life I should be your...?*
A) Brother/Sister B) Friend
C) Husband/Wife D) Lover

*4. What impressed u from me..?* 🤩
A) Smile 😊
B) Way of Talking 😀
C) Sense of Humour 😆
D) Romance 😍

*5. From me something u don't like..?*😡
A) not listening.
B) getting angry 😡.
C) nothing.
D) talking like hurting😔

*6.which colour suits me..?*
A) White ⚪ B) Black ⚫
C) Red 🔴 D) Blue 🔵

*7. Can I post this as my status..?*
A) As your wish 😉.
B) Of course 😃.
C) Yes 😍.
D) option C 😜.

*Send it to ur frnds and know what they think about you...*