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According to Mullahs, Dallas and Congressi thullas following is the list of famous inventions and the scientists who invented them.

1. The light bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Nehru.
2. The Computer was invented by Rajiv Babbage.
3. The TV was invented by Jawaharlal Logie Baird and Motilal Farnsworth
4. The Telephone was invented by Rajiv Graham Bell.
5. The Mobile phone was invented by Rajiv Cooper.
6. The first Indian to go to outer space was Jawaharlal Sharma
7. The first aircraft wasn't designed by the Wright brothers but it was designed by the Nehru brothers.
8. The first steam engine was designed by Jawahar Watt.
9. Radium was discovered by Madam Indira instead of Madam Curie
10.The first automobile was designed by Priyanka Benz.
11.The electric battery was invented by Sonia Volta.
12.X Rays were discovered by Rahul Conrad Rontgen.
13.Google was found by Rahul Paige and www was found by Robert Burners Lee.

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