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Ending of the year Awards. Send this to your friends and see what awards you get.

1.Best Swagg.🏆
2.Best smile.🏆
3.Most annoying.🏆
4.Best Sense of Humor🏆
5.Biggest looser🏆
6.Most creative.🏆
7.Best eyes.🏆
8.Best personality🏆
9.Best body🏆
10.Nyc voice🏆
11.Always disturbing🏆
12.Crazy in an amazing way🏆
13.Wonderful kisser🏆

14.Wonderful heart.
15.perfect gf/bf🏆
16.player of the year🏆
17.Best lover🏆
18.Most Talented🏆
19.Most handsome🏆
20.Most beautiful🏆
21.Most Freshest🏆
22.Sweetest Heart🏆
23.Most Hardworking🏆
25.Best Broadcaster🏆
26.A boy/girl I wish to have as a bf/gf 🏆
27.Have always admired🏆
28.Most photogenic🏆
29. Best chatter🏆
30. Best DP users🏆