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HUGE SURPRISE!! WDF IS NOW FunOn, and here's why...

Well, it started with SMS Addict - which is still considered as v good name - but we parted from it due to 1. 'SMS' decline was writing on the wall, 2. we had to include images as well.

We then picked WDF (WhatDaFun) - as then app was only youth centric.

But, as the app grew in the meantime, we saw it's audience is now actually EVERYONE who has a smartphone!

And thus, we went for a clean, simple, cool to speak, easy to guess spellings (for word of mouth publicity), any age safe!

WDF was extremely difficult name to comprehend for whosoever is not familiar with WTF (surprisingly, there are a lot!). In addition, due to its slight spelling variation from WTF - it was a disaster for word of mouth recommendation! You always needed to clarify spellings (huh!). And lastly, as most of you would agree - even for the people who know about WTF, WDF doesn't sound decent name to some of them!

And, as a bonus - we have a new refreshing icon is focused on laughter - finally!!

As you know with us - there is nothing permanent here - everything is an experiment - big / small - both. This one was not so successful - not an issue!

We hope to see new life with this name FunOn! Lets see what it has for this app's future.

Hope you like it!!
And again - thanks for all the love - it is the fuel for this app!!

WDF.. errr.. FunOn Team!!


Good move. Sorry for late reply. Just visited this section
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@From my notes [1]: Thank you
@From my notes [2]: bilkul sahi kaha
FunOn Team
1080 days
@FunOn Team: kabhi kabhi wdf name padhke log sochte the koi porn app hoga, now its okkkk
From my notes
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@WDF Team: yeh good name for app
From my notes
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