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Hey friends...

Here is another of major change in app working after l/q implementation. :sweat:

Currently it was being seen that most of the uploads only go in few categories & thus other categories were losing steam. So, this time our aim is to try to bring back the glory of all categories and give a more balanced look in the app.

Straight to the point, we have done following things/steps regarding this:
- Server now records how much time a category opens.
- Low opened categories gets more importance & vice versa in the following way:
- While generating trending list (no affect anywhere else), likes of a message will be reduced proportionately to how often it's category was opened.

Example: In our testing we found that currently Status Update category is opened 30% times of all categories opened. Jokes / Shayari come second at 7%. And categories like Smile etc open 0-1% times. So, likes of a message coming from Status Update category will be divided by 30. Jokes by 7, & Smile by nothing i.e. all likes will be counted.
And then, Currently Trending list will be generated based on sorting by this. This way we expect less used categories to have a chance as well!

Handy Tip:
You can check the divide factor for each category by long pressing the category icon. This is generated live & is updates every hour. It now also shows which category likes are not counted at all.

As always, nothing is final here. This is just our 1st attempt to bring more 'category' balance into app. Calculations will be adjusted as & when required.

Hope it was not another complex thing to understand (well, it was!). Keep feedbacking us!
See you all! Lots of love!


Summary in Hindi (copied from comment #8 below):

Jo catgry bohat less open hoti hai us catgry k msgs bhi ab trending list me aa sakege.. Like, status catgry aur catgry se 30% open hui hai to us catgry k msg ki likes 30 se divide hogi..n like pjs n aur other catgry hai jo ek dam less open hui hai to us catgry k msg ki sari likes count hogi for trending list.. N aap catgry k icon pe long press kar k dekh sakte hai likes divide factor jo evry hour ki updates show karegi

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FunOn Team


@FunOn Team: @dre@m_factory [1]: #:460348 good going mods proved love for user like lbw these bastards abusing like hell to user and no ban on them
Mhd Therapist
41 days
@FunOn Team: @dre@m_factory [1]: I think you are with user lbw as mentioning his abuses to you he directly came to attack with abuses on my post #:460258 either say clearly that mods are unfair and with such bastards or block such bastards
Mhd Therapist
41 days
@FunOn Team: @WDF Team Bot:
@dre@m_factory [1]: and abusing also

One More #:460195 lbw user allowed even after repeatedly abuses and vulgar offensive language and not even ban on him or this man named bjp ki @%#₹%
Mhd Therapist
41 days
@FunOn Team: @WDF Team Bot: @dre@m_factory [1]: #:460233 check post comment person still allowed with gali in name
Mhd Therapist
41 days
@FunOn Team: #:459958 abusive post in politic category where is mods now approving such post and use of abusive word in name also
Mhd Therapist
48 days
@FunOn Team: @dre@m_factory [1]: @WDF Team Bot: #:459767 user LBW will admins mods stop trash like him or its agenda of this app creator to allow such bull shit for fun we people you block in one post or abuse but these bastards allowed by you people always without ban
Mhd Therapist
51 days
@FunOn Team: #:459767 user LBW will admins mods stop trash like him or its agenda of this app creator to allow such bull shit for fun we people you block in one post or abuse but these bastards allowed by you people always without ban
Mhd Therapist
51 days
@FunOn Team: @WDF Team Bot: #:459767 user LBW will admins mods stop trash like him or its agenda of this app creator to allow such bull shit for fun we people you block in one post or abuse but these bastards allowed by you people always without ban
Mhd Therapist
51 days
@FunOn Team: niz21
hindu bhagvan ko jaisa taisa bol raha...
Anti terrorist
263 days
@FunOn Team: jab banned karna hai to mere ko akele ko kyo kia mulle ko bhi karo ban vo bhi to jaisa taisa bol raha tha...😠😠😠

#:449244 , #:449318 , #:449313
Anti terrorist
263 days
@FunOn Team: @WDF Team Bot:
@dre@m_factory :

User Name Ram Kumar and shadabrangrez spending hatred and making vulgur comments on every post without any mention to him will you take actions as it seems Name he took also is fake post comments for ref :-

I think it's more than enough to block this person permanently or as like previously he come with new name after few days
Either take action or allow us to reply him in his language
Mhd Therapist
355 days
@FunOn Team: भाई लोग
फनओन पे कुछ ऐसा होना चाहिए
टॉप Comments या टॉप राईटर का नाम लिस्टेड होना चाहिए
नंबर by नम्बर
The Alone Boy
646 days
@FunOn Team: @WDF Team Bot: #:421855 Abusive language by me and Badboy named user let's see how u stops these type of user clearly seems he is some person who just have BJP agenda to abuse all who questions and I am not feeling guilty for my language bcoz wht he said I just replied in language which these type of ppl understand can't even handel a discussion just support some party and abuse who appose and there r too many in App if u block me I don't have problem bcoz I am here for just refreshing mind but how u could control such ppl is more interesting as they repeatedly comes back by some other user name just change user name and again start abusive language
Mhd Therapist
684 days
@FunOn Team: #:386491 mods admin this people named bhakto ke papa continue posting hurting post on army sentiments after replying and reporting his post he used abusive language would you pls block ppl like this I am not any political party supporters but can't see that a person using army for politics so pls block him no matter if also replied to him after his abusive language but that's my emotions and he should also know how abusive a person can be if he can pls take action on him no matter if you block my post also after my language but it's reaction of his words
Mhd Therapist
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@FunOn Team [22]: #36296 my today's post is not duplicate bhai
Fir bhi use duplicate category me daal diya gaya reas this post cearfully boss
1034 days
@WDF Team: by mistake i delete my status update now please tell me how can i reupload that status..?
1225 days
How I can do post on any topic sir?
I can't understand... What to do?
Please answer.... Hh.WDF team
1241 days
How to upload status
1262 days
@WDF Team [22]: omg😱 team liked my explanations😍 aaj dinner karne ki jarurat hi nhi padegi muje hehe...
Thnks a million☺️😋
1700 days
@m!sha [8]: Damn, great explanation summary 👏👏. Appended in post above. Will be good for future as post moved in FAQs.
@Pratik_47 [9]: thx. yes app running low on mods. Work has been initiated in that regard!
@Rk3530 ◆ [12]:
@Vijay garg [13]: this was in back of our kind for long but yes, after reading Vijay's comment - gave it an active thought!
@~ Dev ~ ◆ [18]: thx
@Vijay garg [19]: yes, not being shown in main list but can see after pressing + sign
FunOn Team
1700 days
@_Ace_ [1]:
@The Joker [2]: thx
@m!sha [3]: hehe
@Rk3530 ◆ [4]:
@dre@m_factory [5]:
@Ujas [6]: thx mates
FunOn Team
1700 days
@Vijay garg [19]: bro likha he last line me
All likes will b counted
Matlab divide nahi honge
1700 days
@WDF Team: mods yeh likes devide politic category m show nhi ho rha h
Vijay garg
1700 days
@WDF Team: superb idea👌
Dev ;)
1701 days
@Vijay garg [10]: no thnx bro ☺️

Kya aap bhi bhaiyaa samjadar bhi bole n Alia bhi bol dia😒😫

@Rk3530 ◆ [11]: thank you ☺️
1701 days
@Rk3530 ◆ [14]: aaj se m har catagory main upload krne ki try krugaa
Vijay garg
1701 days
@WDF Team: Jai mata di
Vijay garg
1701 days
@Vijay garg [13]: bilkul sahi kaha aapne
Ab sab jagah upload karne ka maja aayega as koi bhi current trend me aa sakte he abhi
1701 days
@Rk3530 ◆ [12]: Sab ke sab even main bhi jokes ya stays updates category m post upload krte thee isliye Maine unko idea suggest kiya

Vijay garg
1701 days
@Vijay garg [10]: aap ne hi team ko suggest kiya tha kuch din pehle i guess
So team ko aapko idea acha laga aur adopt kar diya
1701 days