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To address the l/q problem, we have now applied the following new set of rules as a new trial for uploads.

- The basic essence of this method is that l/q will only be determined by number of likes a message gets, rather than any individual opinion. This would remove biased feeling among users & also make mods free of any disrespect & also free of additional burden of thinking about any upload as l/q or not.
- This method forces uploader to focus more on uploading quality & likes-getting uploads rather than just quantity.

METHOD: For every uploader (whether fresh or senior), avg likes of his past 1 month uploads (in likes counted category) will be checked. And based on that, following rules apply:
1. If avg likes are between 0-99 - the uploader gets a restriction of 1 upload in 6 hours.
2. If avg likes are between 100-199 - the uploader gets a restriction of 1 upload in 1 hour.
3. If avg likes are between 200-299 - the uploader gets a restriction of 3 uploads in 1 hour.
4. If avg likes are 300+ - the uploader can upload 5 uploads in 1 hour.

Additional notes:
- For a fresh uploader or a past one month inactive old uploader, avg likes will be 0. Although the person can immediately jump to 300+ section if his 1st upload gets 300+ likes. This way even good new uploaders can enjoy more freedom, compared to last condition of having 20 uploads minimum.
- Some users have been tactically deleting their approved uploads to gain avg likes in past. But now when they will delete their approved upload, the upload will move to a 'self-deletion' category (with no icon in categories list) - where its avg likes will be counted & will also come in dupli detection on both keyword search & machine detector. Moreover, it will greatly discourage this practice & force uploaders further to select, what they think are, good uploads only.
- It is seen that uploaders try for Status Update category even if it belongs to other categories, for extra likes it gets compared to others. If this behaviour is found continued, then we can even reduce the number of likes to 50% when counted for any likes calculation - of their uploads in Status Update category - to discourage such behaviour.
- Also note that as in past, this method is in trial. Will be adjusted / reverted if & when required.
- If this turns out to be success, we also plan to replace stats & stars in user profile page to reflect this data only, so that is live updated about his/her progress.

Lastly, we appreciate the contribution of users 'Rk3530', 'The Joker' & 'dream_f@ctory' in forming this. We hope it turns out to be beneficial for all users.

Thanks for reading. Your feedback goes below.

1718 days
FunOn Team


@FunOn Team:
@WDF Team Bot:
@dre@m_factory :

User Name Ram Kumar and shadabrangrez spending hatred and making vulgur comments on every post without any mention to him will you take actions as it seems Name he took also is fake post comments for ref :-

I think it's more than enough to block this person permanently or as like previously he come with new name after few days
Either take action or allow us to reply him in his language
Mhd Therapist
355 days
Hlo fun on team i have more than 100 likes but i am able to upload only 1 in 6 hours so wats wrong with it plz let me know
secrect maker
448 days
@FunOn Team: this is a ridiculous method! How can likes decide the quality of a post. Plus quality is a relative thing when it comes to text messages. What is the percentage of users in each category? 6 hours is too long a wait. You have basically created a system where the existing top ones will only be able to upload as by the time others upload, someone else would have uploaded.

This is favoritism to the core!
890 days
@WDF Team [86]: team plz i have 250+ avg likes still 1 upload in 6 hour please help me out..
Karan .B. Patel
1092 days
@WDF Team [86]: My month average likes are +350. You can also check. After 1 upload it shows warning that your likes are below 100 and upload after 6 hours..
1106 days
@Prince_SK [85]: means? Your average likes must be 100, not total likes
FunOn Team
1106 days
My likes are +300 and the warning showing that ur likes are less than 100... solve this problem...
1108 days
@WDF Team: Is there any technique to check how much time is remaining for me to next upload?
1310 days
@WDF Team [82]: would be highly appreciated! Respect!✌️
Lakshay ROcKstAr
1315 days
@Lakshay ROcKstAr [81]: excellent suggestion on first read. Added to task list - will decide on implementation in few days.
FunOn Team
1315 days
@WDF Team: Suggestion. 0-99 likes gets 6 hour waiting time
And 100+ gets 1 hour waiting

The waiting can be reduced to 3-4 hours for the monthly likes less than 100... :)

Please ponder on it! It's really difficult to wait for 6 hours!

Lakshay ROcKstAr
1315 days
@WDF Team: sir plz suggest hw to upload msgz soon. Its disgusting to upload after six hrs. Plz help sir plz. I want to upload as soon as possible.
Kinnu xoxo
1474 days
@WDF Team: hahah team tagda jhatka dy dia Ye ..... Old user ko Fr sy new user ki tarah 😅

Old user ko kuj Toh benefit hona chahiye

Ur app ur rules 👍
Mechante Rahul
1545 days
@WDF Team: Hi team. I'm back on the app.
Was uploading messages and come to know that now i can upload only 1 message in 6 hours. Bit harsh on the old users who now don't upload much😁 can something be done?
BTW Very nice theme and icons😉
1654 days
@WDF Team [69]: bhai
How to delete my post???
1663 days
@dre@m_factory [74]: so currently adult and status category are the 2 which don't have the authority to get trended??
1702 days
@dre@m_factory [74]: hey, thank you! :)
1702 days
@AkiL [73]: Hi Akil....
#:210580 go through this, and i am sure u will understand the trending system....
If still u have some doubts, u can again clear there here on this post....
1702 days
@WDF Team: hey how does the "currently trending" category work..!? I don't get i got 400+ likes on a post and it still didn't trended.!
1702 days
@anil Manawat [71]: self delete is the best option so as to reduce the burden of work of mods and super mods

And self deletion will also help u gain a good image in the apps and friendly nature will help the app be dupli free 😄
1705 days
@WDF Team: #:221187
What should i do..for my above dupli upload
Shall i make self deletion??
anil Manawat
1705 days
@Chick Magnet [67]: our latest post answers the mystery if low likes nowadays. Our above formula was made considering ne we
@Chick Magnet [68]: our aim with is that must good uploaders should be able to achieve 200+ easily (not 300+). We will see how it goes for next few weeks. If required will lower the limit.
FunOn Team
1714 days
@Yo Yo RG [62]: your issue fixed. Also a post in AD coming soon describing the issue.
FunOn Team
1714 days
@WDF Team [53]: it should be like the new rule commenced on 9th aug so the rule should start from there and on 9th sept 1 month avg should be counted
So users can themselves feel the avg likes on their mssg
Suddenly (1m: avg likes is 150 and to make it above 300+ it takes hell lot of pain and mssgs but 1 upload in hour doesnt help it
1714 days
@WDF Team [59]: this new way not working
I got so many creative and good mssgs to upload but likes on an average are less than 200 in the past 1 month
Before that likes were like going upto 400 and above
This new rule doesn't allow user like me to try some creativity n make new jokes
Also the users do not upload on fear of getting less likes to maintain the last 1 month avg
1714 days
@WDF Team [65]:

1715 days
@Queen The Mahi [58]:
@Queen The Mahi [64]:
Your both these problems have been fixed.
Queue >50 limit will not apply for 300+ avg likes uploader - awarding a sort of VIP access.
3 in an hour limit removed for 300+.
@all: Also now for calculating avg likes, uploads of past 1 hour will not be counted - so that your avg likes do not dip immediately on uploading. Person's profile avg likes also show that now.
FunOn Team
1715 days
@WDF Team:

Good mrng team..😊 I can't uplaod 5 uplaod in hour..😪 Say hourly uplaod limit is 3 so..😪 Bt my score is more than 300+ new Rule is upload me in 1 hour 5 upload bt I only 3 upload..
1715 days
@Yo Yo RG [62]: right same here
1715 days
@WDF Team [59]: ome more prb guys... Prb h ya bug h pta nai
Bt u know jab mai apne uploads par
Most lyk frst krti hu na
Toh phle 1290 wala show hota h
N den jst 11 lyks wala n den 936 wala n den usse kam lyks wale
Yeh 1000+ lyks wale msg jst 11 lyks kyu show kar rha h????puzzle categry ka msg h woh
Plz check na guys... Aicha ku hola h???
N yeh bug last kaafi dino se h... Cho aap dekhlo plz😊
Yo Yo RG
1715 days