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Resetting password is easy!

1. Open "My Web Profile" from "Settings" tab.
2. Enter your username*
3. Click "Forgot Password"
4. Confirm with you email address that you submitted while creating account.
5. That's it, you will get a new password on your email!

Additional Notes:
* If username if also forgotten, you can know it by opening the "Welcome" Email sent when account was created. Username is written against "Hi" in the first line of the email.
- You can change your password by clicking "Account" button located on top left of "Settings" tab (only visible when you are logged in).
- As a security measure, if you do not have access to email account that is linked to your user account, then there is no way of recovering password. In this case, even requesting us will not help as we have no way to assure if you are the legit user or not. So please always keep your updated email in our records!


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