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Following content must be read by both mods & uploaders.

1. NO SIGNATURES: Do not append your name, phone number, location or any other personal information to your uploads. All this is visible in your profile.

2. NO POOR QUALITY CONTENT: Although this app encourages fresh creative content, but a message which brings almost no value and will be discarded by majority of readers - will be considered undesirable as it lessens the quality of the app in the eyes of the readers. Yes, this is very subjective & debatable point, but if a number of mods consider a particular upload as such, mods will be given the benefit of the doubt based on their excellent previous track record, and thus, such messages can be discarded.

3. USE OF SPECIAL / REGIONAL CHARACTERS IS GENERALLY DISCOURAGED: Although emoji, decorative & regional characters like hindi add spice to the message & app, but they also make it harder to curb the duplicate issue as they are difficult to be searched - both automatically by code & manually by mods. So, we only encourage use of these characters in artistic message use & discourage in other cases. So mods may discard it if they consider it a duplicate or of poor quality.

4. CODES FOR DUPLICATES IS WELCOMED BUT NOT MANDATORY. Even if no code, a reason for disapproval by mods will also be highly appreciated, but again not mandatory.

5. MODS SHOULD NEVER APPROVE A FORCED DUPLICATE: This violation may result in stripping off mods power.

6. RESPECT THE MODS: If an uploader gets a few disapprovals without code / reason OR whether he finds it as an unfair decision, the uploader should not abuse / harass the mods. Harassment includes any activity that disturbs mods working... through written text or through any activity like continuously uploading irrelevant / duplicate / irritating messages. Instead, mods should be appreciated for all the selfless effort they have been doing for benefit of the entire community as a whole. It is result of their hard work that you liked the app enough to consider uploading in it!


8. Read a particular category's upload guidelines by long pressing the icon, and please follow them.

9. LASTLY, any activity or content that is beyond above mentioned points' scope, but still negatively affects the app & it's users - will not be tolerated.


1. Violating above rules may invite ban. Ban is decided through either of the following two ways:
a) On direct clear violation like abusing & sharing personal phone number, ban is applied immediately.
b) In other cases, bans are applied on the suggestions of other users esp. SuperMods. SuperMods suggested bans are always almost applied instantly (with only a slight verification). SuperMods interact with SA Team through a separate area - not visible to other users.

Ban is always applied without any after & before discussions / explanations with the banned users, in any form. Community will gradually (actually, quickly) forget the banned user.

2. We do believe that in some cases the line between what is acceptable & what not will be very thin. In such cases (when you think your upload was 'fine', but mods think otherwise) uploaders please understand that mods will almost always be given benefit of the doubt - based on the reason that mods get no personal benefit in approving a 'bad' or 'good' upload, and also because they have a very good past record.
So, our advice will be to ignore if you get a few disapprovals. And only if you see a general wrong pattern in mods working across a period of time - report us.

Thank You for your understanding and your invaluable contribution to the community!

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FunOn Team


@WDF team how should i post a text here in app?
1225 days

@WDF Team: how can I post something in app??
1270 days
@WDF Team: hey i can upload 1status in 24 hour.. Bt i wanna upload more n more.. Plz do smtng ;(
Yogesh rampuria
1823 days
Plz tell me that How can i upload my jokes ?
See Me
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@SMSAddict Team: 👌
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@SMSAddict Team:
Zain Shaikh
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@SMSAddict Team: 👍👍 dis guideline will b very useful.....
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@SMSAddict Team: 👍👍👏
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@SMSAddict Team: wish all users read this post.
Dream Catcher
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2176 days
@SMSAddict Team: that was much needed at the moment.
Thanks alot and we all mods will do our best to maintain the SA standards😊
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@SMSAddict Team: Much Needed Post.
Thank You!😊
Moh!t Lohia!!
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